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Monday Through Friday 8 - Noon 1 - 4 pm

Business Phone: 707-986-7447

After Hours Emergency Utility On-call Phone: 707-223-1225


Dear Residents & Visitors of Shelter Cove and to every customer of the Resort Improvement District (RID):


Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich issued an Order of the Health Officer today, March 19, directing Humboldt County residents to shelter at their place of residence in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. The order is effective beginning at midnight tonight until 11:59 p.m. on April 9 unless it is extended or rescinded by the County Health Officer.


Below is a link to the Order.


In response to Humboldt County’s Shelter-In-Place Order, RID is taking the following immediate and necessary actions to protect the community, RID staff and to help prevent rapid spread of the coronavirus.


Some RID employees will be sheltering in place (while remaining on duty) in order to respond to a utility emergency within the District. RID’s goal is to keep the water, sewer and electricity flowing while taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of RID staff and the Shelter Cove community.


The RID office will be closed to all pubic (person to person) interaction for the length of the Shelter-In-Place Order. The service window will be closed. Please make your utility payment by mail or by inserting your payment (check/cash) through the door slot. Envelopes (for payment) are available near the RID office entrance. You may also pay your utility bill over the phone with your debit or credit card. You may make a payment over the phone by calling RID at 707-986-7447 (Monday through Friday, 8AM to 12NOON & 1PM to 4PM). For your protection RID staff will not be able to meet and speak with you in person at the office while paying your utility bill or for any other RID businesses. Please call RID at 707-986-7447 to speak with RID staff. 


RID will not be performing utility disconnect for water, sewer and/or electrical service for late or past due payments through May 31, 2020. RID understands the hardship this Shelter-In-Place Order will bring to our residents and businesses. Each customer is and will remain responsible for their utility bills including late fee payments. Individuals and businesses who are experiencing a hardship are requested to contact RID to discuss options and to setup a payment plan if needed. All on-time utility payments are greatly appreciated by the District.


The Shelter Cove Community Clubhouse, Library, and the Shelter Cove Playground will be closed to all public use until further notice. The Shelter Cove Airport is closed to non-emergency users. Your District’s hiking trails, golf course and greenbelt remain open for your use and enjoyment. Please maintain adequate social distance of six feet. Your cooperation is most appreciated.


Report any after-business-hours utility emergency by calling 707-223-1225.


Please know that at this time, the Shelter Cove Fire Department has the necessary Personal Protective Equipment and pandemic response protocols (safe practices for 1st responders) in place to effectively and safely respond to calls for service within the community.


If you or if you know someone in the community that has (non-medical/living/food assistance) needs, please contact the Shelter Cove Fire Department’s non-emergency line at 986-7507.


For any and all medical/fire/ocean emergencies dial 911. Please do not hesitate to call 911 for non-coronavirus medical/fire/ocean emergencies.


Let us all take a moment to re-commit and to always engage in safe personal hygiene practices – 1) Washing hands with warm & soapy water for at least 20 seconds; 2) Wash hands after anytime when hands may have been contaminated; 3) Cover those coughs and sneezes; 4) Maintain a safe social distance (6 feet) from each other when possible; 5) Avoid touching your face, eyes and nose.      


To learn more about coronavirus and what you can do to help prevent and limit its spread please see and reference the following links:


World Health Organization

Center for Disease Control

California Public Health Department

California Public Health Department

Humboldt County Department of health and Human Services

Johns Hopkins

Coronavirus Assessment Tool


Take care of yourself so that you may better care for others. Stay hydrated, eat well, get plenty of rest and take time for physical activity outside and away from others. Be patient with one another. That’s worth saying again. Be patient with one another.  


Stay safe, be well and take care,




Justin R Robbins

General Manager

Resort Improvement District #1

Shelter Cove, CA